Awaiting the audience response to the forthcoming release ‘Shahid’, Raj said, "I want to explore every genre. The script should make sense to me, but it’s the complexity in the character that eggs me on."
"There are so many characters I would love to work on. I was simply taken over by performances like Daniel Day Lewis (as Christy Brown) in My Left Foot," Raj said when asked if he had any dream role.
Asked if it turns frustrating for an actor if a film like Shahid gets released one year after being made, Raj said "It was not at all frustrating. ‘Shahid’ is now going to reach far more audiences."
"Wherever it went everyone loved it. It was an inspiring tale of a youth who wanted justice to prevail and who wanted everyone in life to fight for himself," he said.

Produced by UTV Spot Boy ‘Shahid’ will be released by this month.


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