Raima was asked what she loves to wear during shoots and events where she becomes herself and not somebody else.

"For me yellow tops the priority list and yes white as well. And I must say these days Bengali girls have become bold enough to experiment," the Hemlock Society actor said after launching the only store here.

Raima, who expressed happiness that national and global brands are coming over to this part, said, "We don’t have to pick up garments in foreign shores now. All the major names now set up bases in Kolkata."

Actor in ‘Maach Misti and More’ by Moinak Bhowmik and styler Neha Panda said, "Raima likes layered fabrics and here she was draped in a white one."

"For the present day Bengali women the fashion starts from the age of 16 to 40 and ONLY offers a perfect choice," Neha, having styled costumes in a couple of Bengali films, said.


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