The 62-year-old critically acclaimed filmmaker said none of the Indian directors had attempted to show the plight of innocent people till he made the Assamese film on the issue.
'Baandhon' (Waves of Silence), released in 2012, is a touching tale of an elderly couple's search of their grandson after 26/11 2008 terror attack in Mumbai.
"I was at the Goa festival when the incident happened. Images were being shown on television... my wife and I were shocked. As a filmmaker, I was expecting that we, who produce largest number of films in the world, will make so many films on the incident but for two years not a single film was made and it was shocking for me as a filmmaker," Jahnu said on the sidelines of IFFI.

"I feel as a filmmaker we need to react to such kind of events. So finally, I was getting little frustrated and decided to make the film," he said.
Later, Bollywood director Ram Gopal Varma captured the ssue in his 2013 release 'The Attacks of 26/11'. Barua said he was initially apprehensive about the budget because he wanted to make the film on a large scale.
"My wife asked me that why don't I make a film. I said I can't because I was looking for a big-budget film. She said you make a film in your own little budget. That's how 'Baandhon' came up and I am very happy that I made it. It is supposed to be the first Indian film on 26/11 attacks,  he added.

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