Mumbai: If actor Imran Khan walks into your shop, you better fret than be happy. As it is likely that the ‘Break Ke Baad’ actor will say ‘break ke baad’ when it will come to making the payment. The 28-year-old actor says he has always hated carrying money with him since childhood. The 28-year-old actor never has his wallet with him, or if it is there then he doesn't have any money in it.

Talking about living on 'udhaar' (credit), Imran said he grew up at his grandfather Nasser Hussain's house and everyone in the area knew him well.

He would walk into any store, grocery shop or outlet and pick up whatever he needed and never worried about payments, because the money would get cleared by someone from home.

The 'Break Ke Baad' star said as he grew up, he would do this more often. Now it is has become a habit.

The actor's friends say that every time he fills petrol at the Bandra petrol pump, he signals to pay later and everyone is aware of it. They simply understand that Imran's not going to pay at the point and it will add to his credit as usual. The payments are cleared by Imran's staff later.

"All restaurants in Bandra are well aware of his habits. They know that Imran will keep the payment on credit as usual," they said.

According to Imran, "Everyone does eventually get paid, later on, by my staff. I am a total believer of udhaar walas and believe in living in full on credit. I believe in this lifestyle and it has become a habit."