Ghaziabad: Dabangg hottie Sonakshi Sinha, who won the award for best female debutant, is now the new face of a product by Dabur. The new girl in B-town took everyone by surprise and is ready to appear in the beauty product-Fem-advertisement.

She was recently in Ghaziabad for the promotion of the product. In a short interview, she spoke to Jagran Features. Excerpts:

Who is your role model?
My mother. She is very courageous and beautiful. She is so graceful that one can look up to her.

Who is the most ‘dabangg’ woman according to you?
It has to be Rekhaji. Her looks and acting can beat anyone in the industry.

Who do you think is ‘dabangg’ in contemporary Bollywood?
For me, it is Kareena Kapoor because she is very talented.

Are you doing an item song with her?
No, not at all. These are just rumours.

How do you choose movies?
Well, I am quite ‘dabangg’ in choosing movies. Firstly, I read the script and I select it if the role suits me. One has to be fearless as it is your future that matters.

What is your style statement?
My style depends upon the mood. I am comfortable in wearing both-Indian and western. Confidence should be there in whatever you wear. People see me for my Indian values and that is why Dabur chose me to be its brand ambassador.

You will be working with Kamal Hasan…
Whatever said is less about him. He is a senior artiste and working with him will be a great experience.

Are you following the cricket World Cup?
I am not at all a cricket fan but I do see cricket matches with friends, only when India is playing. I wish the Indian Team good luck.

How did you enter acting?
I never wanted to be an actor. I always wanted to be a fashion designer but the audiences liked me and that’s how I became an actor.

How much help do you seek from your father?
I never wanted to enter movies and when I entered acting it took him by surprise. I learn acting from him everyday and my acting career also was a mutual decision between us.

Munni badnam hui’, Salman became a 'dabangg', what did you become?
Well, I became Sonakshi. If I wouldn’t have been me, I would have never been the face of Dabur.

What is your fitness mantra?
I follow a strict fitness regime and control my eating habits. Rest is a secret.

Tell us something about your role in the upcoming movie-‘Joker’?
I am playing a role of an urban girl who visits a village.

What is the one thing you like about Delhi?
Since Mumbai has a lot of traffic, I like open spaces in Delhi.

Which is your favourite cuisine?
I like every cuisine. I just love food.

Whom would you like to work with from Bollywood?
I would like to work with Aamir Khan.