"I have two children who tell me I should do more stunts so I listen to them more than I listen to her (wife Gauri). I like doing it. I have fun. I feel if I don't do something challenging then I am succumbing to that injury," Shah Rukh said in an interview here.

"I have made myself stronger to overcome the shoulder and back injury. As an actor it's important to be challenged physically, emotionally and mentally and I try do the best I can. The stunt in 'Happy New Year' is difficult as I had to go down a building. But it was on a wire. It was safe but scary," he said.

The actor said he likes to do most of the stunts on his own as he has to answer to his children but there was a particular scene in the movie where he had to use a body double as the shot required him to kick with his left knee.

"I couldn't do it as I couldn't lift my leg so a duplicate did the shot. But I did all the jumps and falls," he added.

SRK revealed that his children do not like attending their father's film shoots.

"They get bored coming to shoots so they don't come too often. When I shoot in Mumbai they don't come. They hate shooting. When I shoot abroad they can't come always as they are studying now but sometimes they do," Shah Rukh said.

The 'Chennai Express' star said he is in a profession where he has to be away from family most of the time but he does try to make up for it by going on holidays and being with them when he is not working.

"Whenever I am shooting I finish work and go home. The day I don't shoot, I am at home. I have become more reclusive. I have become more unsocial now. I get bored going to parties.

But we have to go for work and launch events etc," he said.

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