Jewel junkie

I have loved jewellery ever since I was a little girl. I am especially fond of heirlooms. I like antique pieces that are simple, classy and have a history behind it.

Child’s play

As a kid, I would peep into the ornament boxes belonging to my grandmother and great grandmother. I would wear the heirlooms and feel elated as I posed in front of the mirror.

Child’s play

I like clothes that have a classic as well as a contemporary element about them, something that balances tradition and modernity. Usually, I prefer contrasting jewellery for my attire.

Fashion mantra

My definition of fashion is being comfortable in your own skin. Don’t let clothes wear you down. You are the one who makes clothes fashionable; it is not the other way round. The fun lies in experimenting with clothes and accessories. I am pretty much comfortable in everything, be it a saree or a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

Style statement

I like wearing different kinds of clothes. Sometimes I like to go Boho chic, and at other times I like to stick to classic elegance and retro Indian dressing. I don’t really bother if someone likes it or not; I wear what I like. Of course, I have had my share of fashion faux pas but that is part of dressing up.

Au naturel

The no make-up look rocks. I don’t believe in assaulting my skin with a make-up overdose. I use natural stuff from the kitchen. Even on most days, I try not to use any make up because I feel people should see my natural side. I don’t overload it with make-up and chemicals.

For the tresses

I like the out-of-bed tousled look. I don’t like done-up hairstyles because I feel it’s too much for my personality. I feel comfortable with hair let loose, as it looks casual as well as pretty and feminine. I like it elegant.

Courtesy: Mid-Day

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