He underlined that anything regarding appointment of governors should be done "within the four walls of the Constitution".
Explaining his decision to quit, the 82-year-old Congress veteran said, "...Of course Rashtrapati (the President) has all the powers to transfer a governor, but then I thought it is not convenient.... I decided not to go to Mizoram or any other state. I have my right to resign. I was thinking of resigning since last three months."
When asked whether he felt humiliated with the Centre's decision, he said, "There is no humiliation. I find it no wrong. The President of India appointed me. The order came from the President of India and he transferred me, but I decided not to go there."
He said he does not "think it is political vendetta".
At the same time, he added, "Whether the taste (in which he was transferred) is good or not, is a question...I don't find anything wrong but the approach should be constitutional."
After the BJP came to power, Sankarnarayanan and a number of other UPA appointed governors were allegedly nudged by the government to quit.
"When the Union Home Secretary telephoned (asking me) to relinquish office, I had said it was not the proper way and let it come from proper person. Now it has come and I decided to resign," Sankaranarayana, who quit on Sunday, said.
He said the Constitution should be honoured while appointing or transferring governors.
"Appointment of governors is a constitutional appointment. We have to honour the constitution. Individuals do not matter. The government has all rights to transfer a governor and they are correct," he said.
"Different political parties have their own approaches but that should be within four walls of the constitution. There is a strong Prime Minister with big majority, they will take decisions," he added.
The former governor said he also consulted the Congress high command and even they "agreed" to the decision taken by him.

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