London: Singer Jessie J says that she started receiving death threats soon after becoming famous but she doesn't want to waste 'time' on people who don't like her. 'I've had people say, 'I want to kill you and your family. I've had people saying, 'I hope you get HIV and throat cancer at the same time,' international publication quoted Jessie J as saying.

'I think the world has become obsessed with hating things. But people who want to spread bad energy, I ain't got time for them to be in my psyche,' she added.

The 23-year-old, who is openly bisexual and abstains from drinking alcohol because of health problems, has also revealed there have been rumours she is a devil worshipper.

'This is 666 apparently. And to me it's saying OK. People have played 'Do it like a dude' backwards and said they can hear the devil,' she said.