"I read recently somewhere that there are many female actors, who said they would want to work on a wage system that works even for men and I completely support them. If I want to
cast them and they say that to me, then that's what I'll give them. But I can only speak about myself in relation to casting for a film," Farhan told .

Farhan said the actresses have a right to say 'no' if they think they are being underpaid."It's a personal choice. I can never force you to work in my film for a certain amount of money. You have to say yes. But if you don't say yes, then you won't work. This is a personal decision and I cannot comment on someone's personal choice to say what they are happy with and what they are not."

The actor was speaking at the launch of a new range of deodorants from Park Avenue, which has partnered with Farhan's foundation MARD (Men Against Rape and Discrimination) to
spread awareness about gender equality.

When asked about objectification of women in Bollywood films, the 41-year-old actor said it is a personal choice to do such roles or not. "Every person has the right to think about himself. If
you are asked to do a role which might objectify you, don't do it. You do have the choice of saying no. I do believe they have the right and the choice to be able to change it themselves."
Farhan believes the film industry thrives on talent regardless of gender.

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