Once a trusted ally of Bahujan Samaj Party supremeo Mayawati, Babu Singh Kushwaha is now her biggest enemy. Kushwaha was shown the door from the party after he alleged that Cabinet Minister Nasimuddin, Cabinet Secretary Shashank Shekhar and Principal Secretary (Home) Fatehbahudur were a threat to his life. After being thrown out, he joined hands with the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Talking to Dainik Jagran on Tuesday, Kushwaha spoke his heart out on the entire episode.

Excerpts from the interview:

Why have you distanced yourself from the BSP?

Several conspiracies were hatched against me but I kept quiet. I was ousted from the party on November 28, but did not utter a word. Now all limits have been breached.

Which limitations are you talking about?

Amid several conspiracies, a lawsuit was filed against me in Banda and security was tightened for the one who filed the case. He was also given party ticket to contest elections. Lawsuits were filed against my people to ruin my political career.

What was the reason behind this?
Cabinet Minister Nasimuddin, Cabinet Secretary Shashank Shekhar and Principal Secretary (Home) Fateh Bahudur were engaged in a conspiracy against me and filed numerous cases so that I can be imprisoned and thereafter murdered. The plan was ready to be executed.

Is it true that you wanted to join the Congress fearing CBI investigations?

 These are all rumours. Who is unaware of the fact that the BSP has supported Congress for the last eight years to avoid CBI probe. I even know with whom the BSP compromised for shielding its ministers.

Have you ever met Rahul Gandhi?
No, I haven’t met him.

So is Rahul telling a lie?

How can I say this, he is a high profile leader but I have not met him so far.

Had you decided to join the BJP or they approached you?

The BJP was supporting the Backwards on the issue of scrapping OBC reservation quota, so I joined them. The SP and the BSP did not oppose the move and supported the Congress in this regard as they do not want the welfare of OBCs.

But the BJP succumbed to opposition pressure and put your membership on hold?

It was not the opposition but the media that launched a crusade against me. I am not selfish to think only about myself.

Then why didn’t you make a similar sacrifice for Mayawati?

Do not instigate me to speak harshly. I am not concerned about Mayawati but my own image. I do not want to speak a single word against somebody with whom I have stayed for two decades. But she did not respect my honesty.

But the CBI has evidence against you in the NRHM scam?

First find out where the scam took place and the mistakes in its procedure. The minister plays no role in it. The Chief Minister is supreme and all decisions are taken in the meetings chaired by her. The Minister of that Department presides in her absence. Since I never got such an opportunity in two years, I have nothing to do with this scam.

Then why has the CBI filed a case against you and is questioning you repeatedly?

Shashank Shekhar and Fateh Bahudur have done their homework efficiently, they filed all the PILs. All the paper work was carried out to convey a message that something is wrong. Neeta Chaudhary also supported them in the game. All these people were planning to send me to jail in Sachan case and are still plotting to kill me. (starts crying)

What is the reason behind murders of two CMOs?

It was a conspiracy to defame me. I do not want to name anyone but the CMO’s were killed to tarnish my image.

It is said that nothing can happen in the BSP government without bribe?

Next question please.

Who are the officials involved in the transaction of money?

Everything cannot be said. Is there anything that is hidden from the media?