New Delhi: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who is returning in Anurag Kashyap's 'Gangs of Wasseypur II' as the main protagonist, says he wants to become the highest paid actor in the industry.

Siddiqui, who struggled for more than a decade to make a mark in the industry despite being critically appreciated for his work, does not understand why talent is not the criteria
of good pay package in Bollywood.

"I want to be the highest paid actor in the industry. I don't understand why good actors don't get paid well. Actors should get paid according to their talent but they would
hardly earn the money which would easily come to some people because of their background," Siddiqui said.

It has been a long road to recognition for Siddiqui since his debut in Aamir Khan starrer 'Sarfarosh' in 1999. The actor, who played memorable roles in films like 'Black Friday', 'Ek Chalis Ki Last Local', 'Dev D', 'Peepli Live' and 'Kahaani', says there were days when he wanted to quit everything.

"I have seen it all in the industry. There were days when I wanted to quit but did not know anything other than acting so I stayed. The struggle was long but there were good people
around me like Aamir and Anurag, who believed in me and told me to stick around," says Siddiqui, who hails from Muzaffarnagar.

Now that recognition has come his way, the NSD graduate wants to focus on his craft.
"Camera is the only place where I am honest. I may lie in real life but not when I am facing a camera. The characters become me and sometimes it is hard to get out of that mode. I
don't enjoy being the centre of attention. This is why I am a bit baffled by it. I hope it does not affect my acting," said Siddiqui.

The actor is playing the main lead in the second part of 'Gangs of Wasseypur'. The real Siddiqui is shy but his portrayal of Faisal Khan comes with a lot of style and cool arrogance.

"It was interesting to play Faisal because this is a character which goes through various changes. In the first part he is innocent and then he kills a man, which is the beginning of his transition. He finds violence easy. But he continues to be emotional and trusting." 


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