"One big artiste, I would like to work with is Pharrell Williams. He is very versatile artist," Kej said.
Bengaluru-based musician Kej said Pharrell was versatile because he makes music in all genres and will be an interesting artiste to work with.
Kej said he would also like to team up with Zimmer, who composed music in 'The Lion King', '12 Years a Slave' and 'Interstellar', because he can infuse Indian element into the American artiste's compositions.
"I would like to work with Hans Zimmer. He is the greatest movie composer right now. It would be amazing to bring in an India element to his compositions. So, I could bring that in," he said
Kej feels the Grammy award has encouraged him to make more non-film music.
"This award has encouraged me to make more non-film music because suddenly winning the biggest music award in the world makes me feel I am doing the right thing of making music from my heart, not from the director's," he said.
However, Kej said he is open to Bollywood. "If Bollywood wants to use my existing music, I would love to give my existing music to be placed in the films," he said.
Asked is he has bagged any Hollywood offer post the recognition, Kej said, "That is still going on. Hopefully, it will materialize at the end of this year."

Kej said his parents were proud of his accomplishment of winning the greatest music award in the world.
"I am sure they are very proud of me. They feel I have become successful and think I have done a right thing by being in the music field," said the musician, whose father had initially opposed his move to make music a career.
Kej dedicated this award to non-film music composers in India.
"The persons who I dedicate the award is independent musicians in India - People who do non-film music. The first person who congratulated me was Hans Zimmer." he said.

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