The curious case of Kamal Amrohi

I met Kamal Amrohi in the year 2000. Though he addressed me as his daughter, I ignored him initially. Gradually, I found out the old man had family issues. His nephew had stolen his shares and he asked me to help him get a lawyer to fight his case. Once he recovered the money, he wanted to make a movie, but then he died. The case is now sub-judice. I never took anything from anybody. The legal document containing proof of the money that I spent on him was also produced in court. He wanted to adopt me and make me his legal heir in his will. But I did not want to be adopted nor did I want any share of his property.

Thank God for the internet; there are a series of interviews online where he said that I had helped him financially, including buying a house. The other side is now slinging mud at me but the truth will come out. This world is becoming a terrible place. If you help someone, it backfires. Had I taken his money and if he was to die later, they’d have certainly accused me of killing him as well. All I can say is that it is not my nature to go ahead and slander people.

Bankruptcy rumours

I feel sad about rumours suggesting that I am renting out my place to pay off my debts, which runs into the Rs 5-10 lakh figure. Do you think I stay in a shack? I have lived in that house for 10 years and will continue to stay there. I am talking about this now because it has snowballed into a major controversy. I am an entrepreneur too and have many more things (besides acting) to do. I invested in a cricket team, but people think it happened because I was dating a rich guy. That’s not the truth. We live in a sexist, regressive society.

Lean patch

Yes, I took a loan for my first movie as a producer. That’s how one does it. It didn’t work but I am not one to be bogged down. It was an experiment, a learning experience. Can you think of one production house that has not had a film that didn’t work? I am the only person who has made a film where no one lost money. I have done many right things so I can accommodate a failure. I was a bit arrogant in some ways and also had some bad luck. But there’s something coming up soon. Now I have learnt enough to direct a film.

Special someone?

You will find out soon. You know me, I can’t keep a secret for long. I took a very tough decision to walk away from everything that I had, and follow my heart. Everyone wrote me off and said someone else must have done it for her. But I can say that my life is going good and I don’t regret anything at all.

Courtesy: Mid-Day

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