Somy revealed in an interview that she was molested as a child. "I was sexually assaulted by a house-help when I was just five. When I am invited for a talk at high schools and universities in US, I share this with the students. I believe sharing my personal experience would encourage others to speak out and not be ashamed about being a victim," she said.

Somy refrained from commenting on the alleged instances of domestic abuse involving the Bollywood folk. "My goal isn't really to intervene there. Nor do I have any knowledge of what goes on there since I have been disconnected from the film industry for the past 15 years. And I am active in the US with my advocacy, not there (Mumbai). The only thing I know for certain is that sexual and physical abuse affect everyone," she says.

However, when egged on to react on the Preity Zinta-Ness Wadia public spat, she is all praises for the actress who shocked many by filing a molestation case against her former businessman boyfriend.

"I don't have internal details about what exactly occurred, but I commend any man, woman or child for raising their voice against sexual and physical abuse. I do know that Preity took that initiative so I respect her a great deal. No victim must be ashamed of a crime committed against them. We, as a society, need to stop blaming the victims. More voices will be heard when we decide to listen without judgment and with an intention to help the victims, not persecute them," she signed off.



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