Hours later, she met Governor N N Vohra for an hour and discussed 'political issues' and 'various challenges' faced by the state which is under Governor's Rule since January 8.

Before meeting Vohra, she invoked her late father Mufti Sayeed, saying he had "not joined hands with BJP as a party but it was a coalition between the Central government and the people of Jammu and Kashmir" with an aim of benefitting the people of the state.   

"When it came to the benefit of people, my father did not care about the party. He rose above everything and joined hands with BJP for the welfare of the people", she said.

Insisting that she was not an 'adamant' lady, she said her party leaders want the formation of the government but she will do that when she feels that the bigger aim was fulfilled. And if the aim of forging (rpt) forging an alliance with BJP is fulfilled, then she has no objection in forming the government, she said.

She went on to add, "If at any time I feel that they (Centre) have space in their hearts for the people of Jammu and Kashmir and a framework which we have made and they are ready to put colours in that framework, then I do not have any hesitation in becoming Chief Minister of this state would be a matter of honour."

Mehbooba, whose party has 27 MLAs in the 87-member Assembly, said "if the promises are not fulfilled and the formation of the government means to keep away from the elections for five years, then she was not ready (to become the Chief Minister)."

At the same time, she showered praise on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his peace overtures to Pakistan, including his visit to Lahore.

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