Mumbai: John Abraham comes clean on marriage plans, ex-girlfriend Bipasha Basu, films and more...

Why are you suddenly turning into this gravity-defying action hero?

I want to occupy that raw action space, which has been vacant for a bit now.  All the young boys these days are romcom heroes. The older ones like Salman and Ajay are doing their own kind of action. After Dhoom, I never explored the space and now with Force I am.

Is it because you've had back-to-back flops?

I will always do experimental work. I still say Jhootha Hi Sahi is my best performance to date. But I am trying to explore a new space. People should look at me and say if someone has balls of steel, it's him.
But for us girls you have always been that hot boy-next-door...

I'm still the very real man who real people can relate too, minus the paunch that is. And I am self-made, so I guess women like that.

Frankly speaking, you're getting more attention now post your breakup with Bipasha Basu...

I think I'll get more attention when I get married.  It's pretty flattering though, but I'm not the one to milk the situation. I don't have one-night stands. So there is no question of taking advantage of the situation.

But you have been spotted dating a banker, a celebrity manager and a lawyer. That's pretty quick...

All three are not actresses. I would never date an actress at this point. I am going out and meeting lots of people. I am either going to get into a relationship full-fledged or I am going to get married. Marriage may happen in five months or even five years. I'm done with trying to figure out where things are going in a relationship.

You've been known to be commitment phobic. But now you talk of marriage with so much ease...

I'm not commitment or marriage phobic. I may even surprise or shock people very soon. You never know.

So that means you are over your break-up?

I won't say that I'm over it. I respected what I have and now I am happy in my space.  I ignored my family for eight years...I have these little fights with my mum too. It hurts when you realise you haven't been around for them. Now I'm making good all that lost time.

 The last time we spoke to Bipasha, she sounded very upset with you. Do you wish things weren't so bitter?

I think when questions are asked that irk a person you are bound to get a reaction like that. I respect her and we would never do anything to harm each other.

Do you think you can go back to being friends with her again?

You never know. In life you can never say what happens.