Mumbai: Social activist Anna Hazare initiated a fresh protest against corruption here on Sunday and pressed for introduction of the Lokpal Bill in Parliament,

"I would not return to Maharashtra until the Lokpal Bill is passed," said Hazare, who has announced an indefinite hunger-strike in New Delhi from April 5.

"There is a need for a stringent act to deal with corruption cases. Today, no government official or politician is afraid of law, because they know they will not be prosecuted," Hazare said at a rally here.

He said the Lokpal Bill would punish the culprits severely for corruption.

Hazare has announced hunger-strike in New Delhi for a stronger Lokpal Bill, as the Centre has refused to heed people's suggestions with regard to its provisions.

Comparing the government's draft of the bill, and the 'Jan Lokpal Bill' prepared by social activists, he said the government's draft defeated the purpose of the legislation.

"In the Jan Lokpal Bill that we have drafted, if corruption comes to light through a Right to Information query, the person will have to be jailed immediately. The investigation would take place later," he said.

Hazare also appealed to people to support the Jan Lokpal Bill, and launch movements in their respective towns and villages to put pressure on the government.