Mumbai: Manisha Koirala confirms she is still in Nepal, but is evasive on the status of her troubled marriage.
A few months ago, the grapevine was abuzz with rumours of Manisha Koirala's marriage being on the rocks. That she was heading back to Mumbai, as she could not adjust to the life of domesticity with her businessman husband Samrat Dahal.

She, however, confirms, "I am very much in Nepal. But I will not talk about my personal life. At the moment, all my friends know I need to be left alone.I don't need to give explanations about what's going on in my life."
Interestingly, a close pal reveals, "Manisha has had to struggle against all odds to make the marriage work. She has had to adjust not only to a life of domesticity, but also to her husband's entire family and their traditional way of life. At one point, she almost gave up and decided to return to India, but now she wants to give her marriage one last shot."

Film offers

Rumours of her return to Bollywood were sparked off when prominent filmmakers received text messages from her secretary informing them that she's open to acting offers.

"If I get a damn good project I'd be interested anytime. In fact, I'm on the verge of accepting good offers. I'll talk about it only after they materialise," she says.

As for relocating to India, the actress says, "I travel to Mumbai because I've a home there. I was there recently for just two days."