Mumbai: Sonakshi Sinha on her self- imposed diktats, is staying away from Bollywood camps and having a working birthday. A lot of actors have been giving their birthday celebrations a miss and choosing to keep themselves busy at work instead. Sonakshi Sinha is no different as the actress says she has too many assignments on her plate right now. While shooting for back-to-back films and attending promotional activities at the same time, Sona is glad her work calendar is choc-o-bloc. On the eve of her birthday, Sonakshi speaks to Mid-Day.

How do you plan to celebrate your birthday?

I will have a working birthday but I also want to come home early to make most out of the day. I am shooting back-to-back movies and also doing promotional activities. Though I don’t have any birthday plans right now, if I manage to be home in time, I might go out with my friends and family for dinner or just have a quiet get-together at my place. I like keeping it private.

After working with older actors, we are seeing you now with those of your own age.

I have been asked earlier as well if it was a conscious decision to work with older actors. But now it looks like the other way round. Of course, none of this is planned. I was very young when I entered the industry. I am much more confident now and over the years, I will work with everyone.

You are known to be close to the Salman Khan camp. Does that affect your films with other actors?

That’s not the case. I believe in good work as well as working with everyone. I am still in talks with the makers of John Abraham’s next and as far as working with him is concerned, I was not involved in his history with Salman. How will that affect me? I am here to work with everyone and I take great pride in it.
You seem to enjoy taking your mother (Poonam Sinha) along on your shoots.

My mum doesn’t accompany me too often any more. She used to come with me when I was shooting for Dabangg because I was new at that time. She had left her career very early to bring us up so now she feels very happy when she accompanies me to the sets. She likes to see me in front of the camera. And she loves cooking food and feeding people. My units love her food and they all enjoy when she is around. I like having my mum with me.

Does your dad (Shatrughan) have a say in the projects you opt for?

So far, my dad is very happy with the kind of work I am doing. He has never sat with me to tell me what I can do and what I can’t. He is very happy the way I portray myself. I will not wear clothes that are cheap or vulgar. Also, I am not comfortable kissing on screen. I want to watch every film that I do with my family.

Any updates about the film you were going to act in with your brother Luv?

It is still in the pre-production stage and we are also reviving our family banner with it. It’s too early to talk about it right now. Hopefully, we can start working on the project by early next year.

In the hot seat

For her upcoming film opposite Ranveer Singh, Sonakshi Sinha found herself in a rather tricky position. The actress had to learn to drive a vintage car with the gears on the side of the steering wheel.

A source says, “Sona’s period film is based in the ’70s. Most cars then had side gears. On the first day, Sonakshi tried practising to drive the car around, people ran to save their lives.”

Thankfully without any untoward incident, the actress managed to give her shot.

The source adds, “Sona would often take the car for a spin after her shoot.”

Courtesy: mid-day

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