"Arundhati Roy has always insulted India whenever she has gone abroad. Whenever I listen to her speeches, I wonder if she even is an Indian in the first place. There is a video of her giving a speech in Australia and when you listen to it, the way she has described a state of horror in India is ridiculous. Mudslinging your own country when you want to obtain a grant or an honour from another nation is despicable," Kher told reporters.

Talking about his 'counter-march' against the 'intolerance' protest, the Bollywood icon said that the so called 'atmosphere of fear' that was being portrayed by protesters was not something that was recent, but something that the nation had been facing and dealing with since ages.

"No Indian can tolerate when the nation is being insulted on a global level and there are those who are doing that right now. They feel that ever since the new government has come into power, the nation has plunged into a state of intolerance. This is not a fresh atmosphere. What about the emergency, the Kashmiri pandits' exodus and the riots? What is today's level of intolerance being compared to?" Kher asked.

Rubbishing rumours that he was a sympathiser of any particular political party, Kher said that he was not political, but just an Indian who loved his nation.

"My intentions are not political. I am just proud and thankful of the fact that this nation has given me so much. I was just a small guy from a small town, but look where I am right now. Sometimes you have to give back," he added.

The actor also admitted that he was concerned about his acting career as he has waded into murky waters with his stand.
"I have no problem with the protest and if someone is expressing their views.

As a matter of fact, I have friends and colleagues who are part of the protest on the other side. However, I wonder now that the people would think twice before casting me as I have got in myself in this state of affairs. But sometimes, the nation comes before profession. I have done 491 movies in my life and I have seen what has been happening in the nation, but you need to remember that this is not an actor speaking but a person who loves his country," Kher said.

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