Los Angeles: Unlike some of her contemporaries, Hollywood actress Julianne Moore says that she won't ever undergo cosmetic surgery to look more youthful.

The 50-year-old actress said that there are perks to letting the aging process happen naturally, reported Us magazine.

"My feeling is live and let live. Some of those procedures that make you look younger, I don't know that they really made anybody look younger. I think most of the time they make you look like you've had something done to your face.

"The big thing about being 50 is the bar is much lower. People are like, 'Oh my God, you look great!' So that's sort of good," she said.

Though Moore is happy with the way she looks, she said that she often feels insecure at big Hollywood events.

"I never feel confident! I don't know that there's anybody who does," the actress, who has two children with husband Bart Freundlich, said.

"I mean, you don't look around the red carpet thinking, 'There's a lot of confident people out here'," she added.