“I am very happy with the kind of work I am doing and the people that I am working with,” he said.

Farhan talks about his passion for films and singing:

Winning accolades

I feel happy that my work has been recognised, initially by the audience and now by the fraternity. I don’t perceive myself overtaking the Khans by bagging the best actor awards of the year. I am happy for Shah Rukh (Khan) and I hope he is happy for me too. If you ask me whether this is the best time of my career, I would say I hope not. Don’t get me wrong; I am not complaining. But I hope that there are better times ahead.

The road ahead

I am excited about the release of my film with Vidya Balan next week. The rom-com is a fun take on marriage and how things change when you welcome your first child to the world. It was a good opportunity for me to do hilarious stuff, say funny dialogues and find myself in ridiculous situations. I think the birth of the first child is very special for any couple and I could relate to quite a few scenes. I am also looking forward to my next film with Shah Rukh Khan. Till now, we have only shared a director-actor relationship, barring a fleeting scene in Luck by Chance. This will be our first  as co-stars.

Making music

I enjoy going to different places with my music band (Farhan Live) for live performances. I am focused on making our gigs as good as possible and taking my passion for music ahead. I am also keen on creating some original Farhan Live content. However, time is at a premium now. But I do have plans to pursue singing seriously. I also take interest in poetry and am greatly influenced by my father (Javed Akhtar). His work and knowledge of things is very inspiring.

The Zoya factor

I have worked with my sister (Zoya Akhtar) on a lot of projects. We agree and disagree on a many things. We don’t argue per se but creative discussions are bound to take place in any collaborative work. In our case, Zoya usually has the final word. She is the director!

Pillar of strength

My wife Adhuna is exceptionally supportive. I don’t think it would be possible for me to work with the kind of passion that I have for films and the time that I choose to give it without her backing. As far as intimate scenes are concerned, I guess she understands that it is just a creative commitment and there are no emotions attached to it. She is very understanding about how important films are for me to be happy in life. On my part, I constantly woo Adhuna with songs. I don’t know, which is her favourite, but there is a vast repertoire (of songs) that she likes.

Courtesy: Mid-Day

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