London: 'Spiderman' star Kirsten Dunst says she is confident that she could never have played the lead in Danish director Lars Von Trier's shocking movie 'Antichrist'.

Dunst, 29, who stars in Von Trier's latest movie 'Melancholia', but the 'Bring It On beauty' insists she would have been better because her fame would have made the film even more controversial, Daily Star reported.

Trier's hired singer-actress Charlotte Gainsbourg to play a woman who mutilates herself while struggling to cope with the loss of her only child in the explicit 2009 film.

"That kind of film (Antichrist) is harder for someone like me to get away with. I'm more in the public eye than Charlotte. It's something about Charlotte's body, too. For someone like me to do that film - it would almost be ridiculously shocking," Dunst said.