"The IAF has developed into a major 'Component of National Power' which can be applied quickly and decisively. The IAF has re-oriented itself to a multi-role capability of platforms and equipment along with multi-skill capability of personnel," the Air Chief Marshal told reporters.
Raha pointed out that the rapid economic growth of the country dictates the need to protect our security interests.
"Over the years the IAF has grown from a tactical force to one with trans-oceanic reach. The strategic reach emerges from induction of force multipliers like flight refuelling plane, remotely piloted aircraft and credible strategic lift capabilities. There is emphasis on acquiring best of technology through acquisitions or upgradation, be it systems, aircraft, precision missiles or net centricity", he said.
"Keeping pace with the demands of contemporary advancements, the IAF continues to modernise in a phased manner and today it stands as a credible air power counted amongst the foremost professional services in the world," Raha said.
The Indian Air Force, he said, with a dedicated service to the nation was today a modern technology-intensive force distinguished by its commitment to excellence and professionalism.
The Air Chief also said the IAF has started upgrading its combat aircraft fleet since the last few years to enhance its operational capability and maintain its aircraft as modern weapon platforms capable of meeting the present challenges posed by the security scenario in the region.

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