Chappell has asked Cricket Australia (CA) to propose a worldwide contracting ban on the big-hitting West Indian following his widely-criticized sideline interview.
Chappell said CA need to show zero-tolerance towards the 'totally inappropriate' behaviour.
"I wouldn't have a problem if Cricket Australia said to the clubs, he's never to be contracted again in this country," Chappell was quoted as saying by the Australian Associated Press.
"And I also wouldn't have a problem if Cricket Australia said to the ICC, 'what we're doing should be worldwide'.
"You'd have to talk to the individual countries then but I wouldn't have a problem if it was tabled at an ICC meeting that Cricket Australia said, this is what we're doing and we would recommend that everybody else do the same," he said.
"How are you going to stop it otherwise?" Chappell questioned. Gayle was fined USD 10,000 by his BBL side Melbourne Renegades for his on-air mid-match comments to McLaughlin.
Gayle's hopes of returning for next season's BBL could be over as he is set to be banned by CA. Chappell said Gayle was a serial offender and a worldwide ban would send a strong message to up-and-coming cricketers.
"If it was a one-off thing, yeah, slap him with a USD 10,000 fine and say 'mate, don't do it again'," Chappell said.
"But every woman I spoke to (about Gayle) who's working at the cricket, you got the same answer from. They were quite adamant about it," he added.

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