The candidates should start the preparation keeping in mind the IAS main exams because it is the ultimate stone to turn around. IAS prelims is only of qualifying nature but the marks obtained in the IAS mains is counted in the final merit for selection.

Current Affairs

Current Affairs can play a reasonably good role in moving the wheel. The candidates should start with the current affairs and their background so that they will be able to develop the perspective require for the exams.

Previous Year Question Papers

Previous year question papers play a key role in the preparation because they decide the locus of the exams and the candidates should decide their focus area according to their strength and weaknesses.

IAS toppers' experiences

The candidates should read, see and follow the IAS toppers experiences related to the IAS preparation because it is the first hand experience and the candidates can count on it. The IAS toppers' interviews also prove like guiding principles.

Moreover, the candidates should discuss the current topics on the social sites to know about the various aspects of the emerging issue.

Standard textbooks

The candidates should follow the standard text books so that the basic structure of the general studies syllabus and their topics became crystal clear to the candidates because the IAS prelims question papers are basically conceptual in their orientation and basic clarity on each and every topic is a prerequisite for the final selection.


The candidates should first develop the habit of reading the news and current affairs with a perspective of the examinations. Exam orientation of the candidates is very important. There is so much to study in the eleventh months time so the candidates should pinpoint their studies.

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