"I have played twice in the China League. This is the first time for India. We have players like Tine Baun, Mark Zweibler, Ivanov and some Indian players. I have played in China and I have played in India, but I think India is better. Next year I think you can do better. China (League) is a long one played over six months but Indian League is only three weeks," the Malaysian said.
The winner of two Olympic silver medals said he is eager to draw first blood for his team Mumbai Masters against Krish Delhi Smashers in their match on Tuesday.
"I hope I can play well and win the first point for my team. This is no individual game but a team event. My point is very important because it will be the first point for my team," Lee told reporters.
The Malaysian, who retired at the World Championship finals against Chinese ace and Olympic medallist Lin Dan, said he has recovered from the cramps he suffered.
"After the World Championship, I had cramp in my body and I had to recover my body at any cost. I rushed to Malaysia for three days and I am here for IBL," he added.
His team-mate Tine Baun admitted that she has been a bit rusty due to lack of match practice.
"Of course it is very difficult for me to come back to the top level badminton. I have retired after the all England in March. It is lack of match practice and I am getting better with each match I am playing. I will do my best but it is also has been high ranking players I have been playing against.
"Two days ago I played Juliane Schenk (Pune Pistons). Even in my professional days it was difficult to beat her. It was not a good result for me. I was in three sets with her so hopefully I can do better tomorrow but of course I lack match practice," the current All England Champion said on her two losses in as many games.


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