The ICC said a team's referrals will be topped-up to two reviews after 80 overs in Test matches where the Decision Review System (DRS) is used. Currently, a team is allowed up to two unsuccessful reviews per innings.
The decision to introduce the new trial was taken at the two-day ICC Chief Executives' Meeting which also decided to form a Working Group to review the objectivity of the DRS system.
"A trial will be conducted whereby a team's referrals will be topped-up to two reviews after 80 overs of an innings. This trial will start from 1 October 2013 in all Test matches in which the DRS is used, with the results being monitored and considered by the Working Group," the ICC said in a release.
With the DRS generating a lot of controversies in the recent Ashes series between Australia and England, the ICC has decided to form a Working Group to streamline the system.
"The CEC agreed that a Working Group be constituted to consider how the ICC should best use technology in umpire decision-making in the future," the release said.
"The considerations of the group will be wide ranging and include a review of the objectives and philosophies of using the technologies, protocols and procedures as well as the role and training of television umpires," the statement said.
The CEC reviewed the performance of the Decision Review System (DRS) during the Ashes series and received an update on a technology trial that was conducted during the Old Trafford Test.
During its Chief Executives' meeting here, the ICC discussed a range of issues, relating to Umpires, over rates, bad light, Use of technology in umpiring and ODI Playing Conditions.


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