Up to 4,000 volunteers will be required for the tournament in the 14 host cities, with 49 matches played over 44 days, including five in Sydney.
ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 chief executive John Harnden said he is pleased to have so many people across Australia and New Zealand join the organising team for the event.
"Volunteers from all walks of life and all communities will be supporting the tournament in each of the host cities in a variety of roles – from fan services and event operations, to transport and hospitality support.

This is one of the biggest sporting events in the world and it would not be possible without the efforts of the thousands of volunteers involved and our thanks and respect go out to each and every one them," he added.
MoneyGram is an official sponsor of the World Cup. The company is providing bright and colourful uniforms for the nearly 4,000 volunteers who are supporting the games at the Australia and New Zealand venues.
"MoneyGram is proud to share our customers' passion for cricket, and sponsorship of the Volunteer Programme is MoneyGram’s endeavor to welcome fans from around the country and around the world," said Michael Minassian, MoneyGram's senior regional director for Australia & Oceania.
"We have hosted various promotions for our customers and agents in Australia & New Zealand as well as the Middle East, South Asia and Asia, giving an opportunity to hundreds of customers to watch live games starting February 14th."


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