Dubai: The International Cricket Council’s Executive Board has voted to split the role of the President and the Chairman as recommended by the contentious independent governance review headed by Lord Woolf from 2014 onwards.
After the second of its scheduled 2012 meetings here this weekend, the ICC's Executive Board has decided to recommend one of the suggestions made by the Woolf report to its annual conference in Kuala Lumpur in June.
"Following a Board resolution agreed at the last meeting, the directors confirmed the necessary amendments to the constitution to split the role of the ICC President and Chairman of the Board," the ICC said in a statement.
"The amended Articles will now be placed before the ICC Annual Conference in Kuala Lumpur at the end of June for consideration and approval," it added.
"Having considered several options to deal constructively with the Woolf Report, the ICC Board agreed that, in the first instance, there was a real need for further discussion among the Directors and Members in an effort to build consensus.     

"In addition to already agreeing the split to the President/Chairman's role and creating targeted funding for Members in line with the Woolf recommendations, the Directors were keen to begin discussion among themselves to develop a clearer understanding of the role of the ICC."
If the recommendations are implemented, the role of the ICC President will be reformed after the Annual Conference in 2014 to separate the Chairman of the Board position from that of the ICC President.
 "Until then, the current roles for the ICC President and Vice president will remain, after which the Vice-Presidency will cease to exist and a new Chairman of the Board post created," the ICC stated.