Kolkata, (JNN): The International Cricket Council (ICC) is now seems satisfied with the ongoing preparations at the Kolkata’s Eden Gardens and has cleared the venue to host three non-India World Cup matches.

“Although the manual scoreboard was an issue, the BCCI will be in charge of installing an electronic one but the positives to come out of the inspection was that the bucket seats have been installed and the galleries are satisfactory”, sources said.

Earlier, scores of cricket fans gathered outside the Eden Gardens on Monday shouting slogans against the ICC whose representatives were inspecting the cricket ground.

The ICC was to decide whether the venue, which has already lost the India-England World Cup game to Bangalore, was fit to to host the other three matches.

As per a deadline given by the ICC, part of the work had to be completed by Monday, while some more part will be completed by February 14 and the entire work schedule by February 22.

The ICC on January 27 ruled the Eden Gardens unsuitable for the February 27 tie following an adverse report from its inspection team.

A three-member ICC Committee inspected the progress and assessed the Kolakata’s Eden Gardens which has to host the three non-India matches of the World Cup 2011.

This comes after it lost out on the India-England game to be held on February 2, since it was "underprepared".

The ICC had agreed to reinspect the stadium and see if three other matches could be played. These are the encounters between Ireland and South Africa (March 15), Ireland and Holland (March 18) and Kenya and Zimbabwe (March 20).

Over 1500 labourers are working on a war footing so that cricket crazy Kolkata can witness some World Cup action.

The Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) office bearers are still adamant that the height of the sight screens at the Eden Gardens meet the international standards.

According to the ICC inspection report, Eden Gardens failed on 17 counts and lost the February 27 World Cup match between India and England. And sight screen, or rather its height, is one of them.

Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) official Biswarup Dey said that the association was confident of getting a green signal from the ICC.

Labourers busy completing work at Eden Gardens in Kolkata.Cricket fans were, however, angry with the ICC team's visit. Many gathered outside the CAB office and shouted slogans, alleging a bias against the holding of matches in Kolkata. The protesters waved the Tricolour and black flags.

While ruling out Kolkata for the India-England match, ICC chief executive Haroon Lorgat had said: "All venues had ample time to prepare for the World Cup matches. We had been understanding and had provided extensions to the deadline dates, but unfortunately we are now at a point where we must carefully manage our risks," Lorgat said.

"Sadly, Eden Gardens in Kolkata was unable to meet the final deadline date of 25 January 2011. Eden Gardens has not made sufficient progress to justify the level of confidence required to confirm that the venue would be ready," Lorgat said.

The match was shifted to Bangalore.

Test umpires who have ample experience of officiating matches at the Eden Gardens feel that the ICC’s demand about the sight screen is justified.

 “Sight screen is really a cause for concern at Eden Gardens. During my time, the height of the sight screens used to be 15 feet X 45 feet. The entry gate of the club house lower tier is right on top of the sight screen at the pavilion end and play got hold up everytime there was a movement. We used to lose at least 10-15 minutes everyday for the disturbances,” former Test umpire Piloo said.

No India matches at Edens: Lorgat

International Cricket Council chief executive Haroon Lorgat on Tuesday virtually ruled out any possibility of an India match being held at the Eden Gardens though the 3 World Cup fixtures at the venue next month are expected to be held as per schedule.

"I have received a preliminary report (after yesterday's inspection) and the progress has been very good since January 25. In all likelihood, the remaining three matches will be held as per schedule," Lorgat told mediapersons at a promotional event announcing ICC's tie-up with Hyundai Motors.

The three remaining matches scheduled to be held at the venue are South Africa vs Ireland (March 15), Netherlands vs Ireland (March 18) and Zimbabwe vs Kenya (March 20).

When asked whether there is any possibility of shifting the India vs Ireland game from Bangalore to Kolkata, Lorgat did not sound too optimistic.

"That will be extremely difficult. A shifting requires all sorts of logistical changes which may not be possible insuch a short duration," Lorgat said, giving clear indication about the end of any hopes that CAB harboured about having at least one India match at the Eden Gardens.

"It's an unfortunate reality but greed is not restricted to any particular region or city. We have a measure of such activities and the perpetrators will certainly be brought to book," he said.