Lahore: The Pakistan Cricket Board has accused International Cricket Council of rejecting its request not to release or publish the report of the ICC special task force on Pakistan cricket.

A senior official of the cricket board said that the PCB had conveyed to the ICC that it had its reservations over some aspects of the task force report before the ICC meetings held in Hong Kong last month.

"We had made it clear to the ICC chief executive that the report should not be released or published until we have had a proper opportunity to study it and submit our impression about it. But the ICC rejected our request and said that since it had been signed by the task force members it was official document and had to be published on the ICC website and released as well," the official said.

The official negated the impression that the ICC took the PCB into confidence about the final contents of the task force report, which has become a bone of contention between the PCB and ICC.

However, ICC chief executive, Haroon Lorgat claimed that the report was sent to the chief operating officer of the PCB, Subhan Ahmad for vetting and observations before it was finally released.

But Ahmad clarified that Lorgat had mailed him the report before it was signed by the task force members and its release at the ICC meetings.

"It was for my eyes only and I conveyed to the ICC next day that the report contained issues and we had our views and observations on some of the recommendations made by the task force on Pakistan cricket," Ahmad said.

"I was told by the ICC CEO that we could give our observations in writing once it was official and signed by the task force members," Ahmad added.

He also recalled that even before the ICC executive council meeting in Hong Kong the PCB chief Ijaz Butt had asked the ICC officials to not discuss the report and not publish it as the PCB had issues with it and wanted to first give their observations before it was made an official document.

"We were told that since it was signed by the members and was ready it would be published by the ICC and we can then give our observations which we have done on Thursday," he said.

"The fact is that we had made our reservations clear about the report before it was released and also pointed towards some of the points made in it," he added.

The PCB in its detailed response sent to the ICC on Wednesday described the report as containing factual errors, redundant and superfluous.

Lorgat said he had not seen the PCB response as yet but everyone had to realise that the purpose was to help Pakistan cricket.

"As far as the factual errors are concerned, yes there might be some but at the same time we had shown a draft copy of the report to the chief operating officer of the board, Subhan Ahmad to check it out before we gave it final shape and submitted it," he claimed in an interview.