Washington: One of Apple's pioneering Apple-1 computers is up for sale at Christie's auction house with an opening bid of 300,000 dollars.

The Apple-1 computer, which originally belonged to a retired school psychologist in California, does not have a diamond NTI logo etched into the front copper layer.

The working computer is has serial number 01-0025 and is signed by Steve Woznaik, Apple's hardware hacking engineer who designed the primitive

Apple-1 computers and is expected to fetch around 500,000 dollars at the auction, a channel reports

According to the report, this particular Apple-1 computer appears to be one of the first 25 computers produced.

One of the Apple-1 computers sold for 671,400 dollars in Germany in May while another device of the same type did not manage to hit the minimum of 80,000 dollars and is not in a working condition anymore.

The auction is an online exclusive which ends on July 9 also features auctions for Apple antiquities, including floppy discs containing the company's first word processing and spreadsheet programs, as well as a prototype portable computer several times thicker than today's Macbook, the report added.


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