New Delhi, Jan 10 (Agencies): There was no respite for Delhiites from the shivering cold on Monday as icy winds blew at a speed of nine km per hour and mercury fell by a few notches.

The minimum temperature fell to 4.7 degree Celsius, two degrees below normal for this time, from Sunday's five degrees. Sunday was the coldest day in the past five years with the maximum sliding to 11 degrees.

A thin layer of fog covered the city on Monday morning. It could be another chilly morning on Tuesday with the weatherman predicting no respite for the citizens as icy winds are expected to blow across the city with a fog cover.

Low temperature coupled with icy winds from the northern mountains has made life difficult for the people and the capital has recorded at least three cold-related deaths since December 26, 2010.

According to MeT statistics, the record for the highest maximum for the month of January was 32.5 degree Celsius recorded on the 28th of 2004. The record minimum is -0.6 degree Celsius recorded on 16th of the month in 1935.

The mean minimum for the month of January is 7.3 degree Celsius while the mean maximum is 21.1 degrees.