Lucknow:  Press Council Chairman Justice Markandey Katju on Tuesday trashed the idea of setting up Lokpal saying it was "completely unworkable" and the proposed anti-graft body would not be able to cope with the lakhs of complaints it may receive.
"Lakhs of complaints will come which cannot be handled by one person, therefore 55,000 Lokpals would be required. Lokpal would be required in every district," Katju told reporters, adding he had been silent on the issue till now as people would say that he was "supporting corruption".
"What is the guarantee that they would not turn corrupt? I feel that they would definitely become blackmailers," Katju said.
"You want to create a parallel bureaucracy then how will the government fuction..this is completely unworkable," he said.
Katju said that as there are over 50 lakh government employees and lakhs of complaints may be filed which cannot be handled by one person.
Justice Katju said this would involve infrastructure and expenditure including salary, accommodation, staff and office place.
"Till now I was silent as I thought people would say that I am supporting corruption, but common sense has to be used," he said.
He, however, praised Anna Hazare.
"To me Anna Hazare seems to be an honest man, but he does not have a scientific approach," Katju said.
"Are problems solved by slogan shouting. From my point of view as far as Jan Lokpal in concerned no government will be able to function under it," he said.