"It is true that the Thackerays have never fought elections. But we have never backed out from responsibilities. If a common man like (Narendra) Modi, who started off as a chai wala (tea seller) goes on to become the PM, I can become the CM as well," Thackeray said in an interview to his party mouthpiece Saamana.
Criticising the BJP, Thackeray said Central ministers who have been campaigning for the party now, will forget Maharashtra post elections.
"A contingent of Central ministers have been brought in to campaign for the party for the (Maharashtra) elections. But they will not come back post elections. It is only the Sena that will stay here and continue to work for the people and people do realise this," he said.
Describing the BJP as "power-hungry", Thackeray accused the party of having harboured intentions to divide the state.

"The BJP broke its alliance with us as they were hungry for power. They wanted to rule the state like they are ruling the country, after getting a majority in Lok Sabha elections. They thought they can divide Maharashtra if they are in power with a majority here. But the Sena will never let that
happen," Thackeray said.