Ghaziabad: Throwing a fresh challenge at the government, Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal said he would quit the Lokpal movement if proved corrupt.

“I challenge if anyone can point to corruption of even Rs 10 in our accounts, I will leave this movement," Kejriwal said while speaking to media persons at the India Against Corruption office here on Tuesday.

Kejriwal said, “Hazare's movement did receive funds from unknown sources during the Ramlila Maidan agitation. The funds were received through Public Cause Research Foundation (PCRF) and proper receipts were also issued against the donations.”

He said, “During April to September, the organization received Rs 2.90 crores as donations. Out of which a donor named Sitaram Jindal paid the highest amount of Rs 25 Lakh. The organization has even issued 27,000 receipts against the donations.”  

Kejriwal also demanded that the Congress should also make the source of Rs 970 crore public which they have received through online donations.

"The Congress which projects itself as a clean party should also reveal its sources of online donations or else return the money," the activist said.

Kejriwal insisted that the BJP should also declare the amount received through donations in public domain.