Islamabad: Emphasizing on the need to begin from "where we left in 1999", ex-Pakistani Premier Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday promised to probe ISI's role in the Mumbai terror attacks if he returns to power.

Replying to a query on terror convict David Headley's statement implicating ISI in the Mumbai attacks, he said, "If he (David Headley) has given such a statement that needs to be verified first...But how far these statements are true, we have to see. I think such issues need to be investigated carefully including what happened in Kargil.”

Sharif also said that he would never allow anti-India activities on Pakistani soil. "We don't want our territory to be used for terrorist activities. If I become Prime Minister I will make sure that Pakistani soil is never used for any such design against India. We must not allow such speeches to be made against India by anybody including Hafiz Saab. These elements are deliberately spoiling the relationship,” he said.

Sharif calls for resolving Kashmir issue

He stressed on the importance of resolving the Kashmir issue peacefully and suggested that back channel negotiations should be reactivated.

"We have to start from where we were interrupted in 1999. Vajpayee saab came across, we signed that historic Lahore accord. He had said very good things about Pakistan which is still fresh in my memory. I also reciprocated. I think those times must come back again," Sharif said.

He added that former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had told him, 'Nawaz saab why can't we declare 1999 as the year of resolution of all problems between India and Pakistan'. "He has said very good thing. If we get a chance to rule this country, this will be our main priorities", Sharif said.


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