"Minorities are being made to feel insecure. And this is being done by Nitish Kumar and Laloo Yadav. And they are doing this to get votes," Jain said on the sidelines of a 'Bihar Innovation Conclave' organised here.

He was responding to a question about criticism from other parties that the feeling of insecurity among minorities has increased.

The BJP leader also claimed both the RJD and JD(U) were worried that AIMIM's Asaduddin Owaisi may dent their votes but were finding it difficult to speak anything against him. Jain said that great religions like Buddhism, Jainism emanated from Bihar as did the political treatise of Chanakya and the movement started by Jayprakash Narayan.

"Bihar has potential to give a lot to the country and the world. And now, there is a mood for a change in the people. It is true that caste is a reality and many people are even divided on those lines. But there is a huge section which thinks beyonds caste lines and is thinking for change and development," Jain said.

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