Prime Minister Manohan Singh in his letter to the state Chief Ministers assured that the National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) will not infringe upon the rights of the states. But the state chief ministers paid no heed to such assurances and continue to adopt anti-NCTC posture making it obvious that politics on the issue is far from over. More so, because the West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee has appealed to the Centre to put the entire matter on the backburner until the states arrive at a consensus on the issue. Another chief minister leading the anti-NCTC posture, Biju Patniak expressed dissatisfaction on the Prime Minister’s letter. If the states show such stubbornness, then there is no way that the matter could be resolved. The Centre may have failed to consult the states before constituting the NCTC but this does not mean that the states should not extend their support to the government in fighting terror. Meanwhile, it is crying foul over the infringement of its rights without any concrete evidences. It is disappointing that the state governments are raising questions over a central agency which has been formed to fight terror. On one hand it is said that terrorism is a proxy war against our nation but one the other the states shown reluctance in cooperating with others to tackle the menace.

The states must realise that new ideas and techniques have to be developed to defeat terrorism in the country as it poses one of the biggest threat to the nation. And the fact is that we can only collectively fight the menace. The attitude of the states in regard to the NCTC will only weaken India’s resolve on war against terror. In the international fraternity we are viewed as a nation that is lackluster in fighting terrorism. Clearly the differences over NCTC will impact our national interests. The states are doing this not out of fear of their rights being infringed upon but of sheer selfish desires. The statement by a cabinet minister that the state governments misuse the police in order to remain in power is very apt. The state governments opposing the NCTC are certainly not in a position to claim that they can fight terrorism single handedly. Had they really been so efficient, Naxalism would not have become a grave threat to the nation. It would be better that after the letter of the Prime Minister, the state governments must stop cribbing over NCTC.