After killing of Osama bin Laden, the credibility of Pakistan is going to hit the bottom, because the world is not getting convinced with the proposition that Pakistani Army or its intelligence agencies did not have any information about hideout of Osama on Pakistan’s soil and many revelations thereafter. As David Coleman Hadley, an American terrorist involved in Mumbai attack, expressed in the Chicago court that the plot was hatched by the ISI and Jamat-ud-Dawa and ISI trained Pak Navy officials as well were also involved. At this outset, it is difficult to believe Pakistan’s claim that ISI is not the organization which helps terrorists. However, it is difficult to say when America will wake up to the reality as US foreign Secretary Hillary Clinton suddenly reached Pakistan and gave clean chit to the top leadership on Obama issue, clearly indicating that the American administration is not ready to accept the real face of Pakistan. Without having proper investigation clean chit is bestowed on Pakistan shows America’s affinity towards the latter and its overlooking sponsorship of terrorism. It is funny, on the one hand US Internal Security Minister says in Delhi that Lashkar is dangerous like al Qaeda, on the other US State of Secretary visited Islamabad and has given Pak leadership clean chit which fosters Lashkar. If America finds Lashkar and al Qaeda being the same, what is the point to keep Pakistan as an ally against terrorism?

The way America extended military and financial help to Pakistan for the last one decade, it is matchless. America did so because it needed Pak’s help in Afghanistan. In addition, America helped Pakistan in order to make its hold on Indian subcontinent. America also gave unaccounted help to Pakistan when the forces of the then Soviet Union had put their camps in Afghanistan. The Mujahideens who were given support for fighting against Soviet forces are now running several terror outfits, includingTaliban as well.

US President and State Secretary keep telling Pakistan that it should tide over Indian phobia but seems unlikely. Pakistan will hardly drop anti-India thinking, because America gives only preaching and Pakistan is blindly having anti-India stand whatsoever it may come. Pakistan is actually carved out owing to the animosity and therein lies the root of Kashmir problem. Pakistan wants to grab Kashmir in the name of solving the K-issue, having been corroborated with Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani’s statement while addressing a rally in Muzaffarabad that until Kashmir issue is solved, peace will not prevail in the region. It means that Gilani does not want peace to prevail in India subcontinent because then Pakistan will neither be able to get weapons from America nor billions of dollar. It is obvious that Pakistan Army and its administration use American help indiscriminately. Going by the fact, it is required that America should reconsider its strategy for Pakistan.               

India must learn that increasing cultural and commercial relation with Pakistan will lead nowhere. India should think afresh to take action against terror outfits operating from Pakistan. Pakistan has rejected the list of fugitives sent by India. In this context, a goof was made by India too as the list carried the names of such terrorists who were living in India, targetting India’s diplomacy but it could be made up because world’s most dreaded terrorist Dawood Ibrahim is still living in Pakistan. His kinship is extended to ISI and he is involved in smuggling of weapons and drugs with the help of ISI. There is a proof that he is directly connected with Lashkar and other terror outfits. He would have played a crucial role in Mumbai attack. Dawood, once lived in Mumbi, had carried out bomb blasts in Mumbai in 1993. When America is also terming Dawood as dreaded terrorist, it is required for India to create pressure on him and expose Pakistan at large.

India will have to take help from other countries to control Pakistan. The whole world clearly knows Pakistan has made nuclear weapons clandestinely with the help of China and passed out technology to North Korea. Now the world is concerned about terrors’ access to Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. When terrorists attacked Karachi’s naval base, a few kilometers away from the place where its nuclear weapons were stored. It is assumed that the terrorists had nexus with some of the Army personnel. Now there is a serious misgiving that terrorists may have such nexus with those who are guarding nuclear weapons. However, America has given a warning of repeating Abbottabad against Pakistan if security threat is smelt, but it is not easy. If America does so, Pakistan can retaliate and target India as well as its terror outfits may attack Europe and America as well. Pakistan’s nosediving credibility and its piteous situation could be menace for India. The bomb blast outside Delhi High Court is a tell-tale sign for it. Although the explosion was not lethal, it indicates that audacity of terrorists is intact. These terrorists are getting generous support from Pakistan, which is backed up by terrorism in Kashmir Valley.  In such a situation, India should be more alert and reconsider over its strategy for Pakistan as well as convey the message to Obama regarding America’s flawed strategy for Pakistan.

(An original copy of the article published in Hindi on May 29, 2011 translated by the English Editorial. The writer is Group Editor of
Dainik Jagran)