Solicitor General Gopal Subramanium’s decision to tender his resignation shows that all is not well within the Central government. Moreover, the Centre is not ready to introspect regarding issues due to which it is at loggerheads with the Supreme Court. Also it is not yet clear why the Solicitor General offered to resign. However, it is believed that he is miffed with the Centre’s attitude of charging him of being unable to defend the ruling government in different cases in the Apex Court. The Centre’s recent move of sending an alternate counsel to the court at the last minute in place of Subramanium for representing the government in the 2G spectrum case was an indication to him that the government strategists do not consider him efficient enough. He cannot be blamed if he decided to resign under such circumstances. It seems that the government is trying to find faults with others in cases it is facing in the Apex Court. Probably, it is still unable to realise whether it is 2G spectrum scam or the appointment of P J Thomas as Central Vigilance Commission or the investigation of blackmoney, it had to deal with uncomfortable situations in front of the Supreme Court as well as the public only because of its own conduct. Now it has been accepted as a matter of fact that the 2G spectrum scam could take place only because the Centre’s failure to tighten noose around A Raja in time. In fact, in a way it allowed A Raja to go ahead with the spectrum scam.

In the appointment of P J Thomas as the CVC, it has become evident by now that the Central government deliberately committed folly to appoint an officer with a tainted past to the aforesaid post. Not only this, even after the mistake was pointed out, the government audaciously stuck to defending the appointment of P J Thomas. Even in the probe of blackmoney also, it sprang into action only after the Supreme Court slammed it. Notwithstanding the Supreme Court’s ire in blackmoney case, whatever steps the government took for investigation in this case were half-hearted. At times it tried to hide under the veil of international treaties while at other times it cited that nothing major can be done in this case within a day. Such wavering attitude of the government compelled the Supreme Court to set up a Special Investigation Team to probe blackmoney case. But the Central government is considering challenging the court’s order as it feels that the Apex Court has trespassed in its authority. Albeit there is nothing inappropriate in this attitude but it is also true that the government has failed to convince people that its investigating agencies are committed in the blackmoney probe and no dilly-dally is being done. If the Centre wants the Solicitor General to shield its mistakes then that is not possible. If the government has committed mistake which has come to the fore, then it must be prepared to face the music.