Patna: The fresh report of Indian Human Development (IHD) has lauded the efforts of Bihar which in the recent past has spent more money per individual in the social sector. In the report, it has also been highlighted that the money spent on the development programmes for the SC and STs have also been doubled.

The achievements have been shown in the Indian Applied Manpower Reasearch (IAMR) report which was realesed by the Centre recently. The report said, “There is a huge difference in today’s Bihar and that of 15-20 years back. The developmental rate during the 10th five-year plan is praiseworthy.”

In the report it was also ascertained that the per capita income of individual has also increased in the past five years. Maximum portion of the state domestic product (SDP) was being utilised in the fields of health and education.

The report said that in comparison with developed states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, the performance of Bihar has been better.

It was also stated that the money spend on the development programmes for the SC and STs have also been doubled. Earlier 0.4 percent of the budget was used in the development programmes for the SC and STs, but now it has increased to 0.8 percent.

However, even after lauding the efforts, the report said that more work has to be done for their upliftment as compared to other states.

As per report, India on the Human development Index has developed 21 percent.

Cost of Health and Education (percentage of SDP)

State                   Health    Education

Bihar                    1.1        4.7

Madhya Pradesh    0.8        2.4

Rajasthan             0.9        3.0

Uttar Pradesh        0.9        3.2

Maharashtra          0.5        1.3

Kerala                  0.8        2.6

Punjab                 0.6        1.8

Tamil Nadu           0.7        10.2

Delhi                    0.9        1.4