Allahabad: Here’s a word of caution for those involved in hunting wild animals! In a bid to protect wildlife and bringing to book people revelling on wildlife’s blood, the government has decided to install sensor devices at specific places in the forest, especially where herd of animals gather for drinking water.

Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad (IIIT-A) is working on the cutting-edge research in association with Russia to develop sensor devices to monitor hunters in the jungle.

The project named ‘Save Lion’ is in the final stages.

The device is being designed in a way that the moment a hunter fires a bullet; it would capture the image of the shooter. Having tracked the position of the shooter, the sensors would emit a thick fluid on the shooter, which will distract him and be helpful in nabbing the hunter.

According IIIT-A experts, once developed, these sensors will be installed in all the sensitive places within the Tiger Reserve Sanctuaries across the country. “The initiative aims at nabbing the wildlife smugglers and thus checking the brutality against wild animals,” said the experts.

The sensor will go a long way in helping to the Environment and Forest Ministry in protecting the endangered species, especially tigers.

IIIT-A Director Dr M D Tewari said, “The project which was started three years back is in its completion stage. Once completed, it will be handed over to the Ministry of Environment and Forest.”