Dehradun: Soon, India will be able to produce enough paraffin wax that will stop its import. From textile designing to lamination, paraffin wax is used on large scale in the industry.

The Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP) has developed technique of production of paraffin wax following which India will be able to produce 50, 000 tonnes of wax annually.

Presently, India imports 50 percent of paraffin wax. The demand for paraffin wax in India accounts to nearly one lakh tonnes whereas only 50, 000 tonnes could be produced.

To meet the demand, paraffin wax to the tune of Rs 450 crore had to be imported from abroad annually.

According to senior scientist UC Agrawal, around 50, 000 tonnes of wax will be produced using the upgraded technique.

For larger production, a plant worth Rs 753 crore will be set up in Numaligarh of Assam.

American technology ineffective

According to chief technical officer Dr SK Sharma, paraffin wax is also produced in Digboi Refinery in Assam which operates on America’s Union Oil Company technique.

“The problem is that the technique is not much effective. Despite its ability to produce 60, 000 tonne of wax, it only produces nearly 40,000 tonne,” said Dr Sharma.

 “Till now wax could not be produced on a large scale due to absence of right technology,” he added.

Presently, wax is imported from China, Japan, Iran and Indonesia.

There are two ranges of paraffin wax. One category costs Rs 70, 000-90, 000 per tonne and the other category charges Rs 1.10 lakh per tonne.