Varanasi: Setting an example for others and making an effort in the direction of conserving environment, an IIT professor has built a house by using passive cooling technology. Although the house has an electricity connection, there is no use of power during the day. Moreover, the temperature of the house remains 4-5 degrees lower even without any cooler or AC.

Passive cooling refers to technologies or design used to cool buildings without power consumption, such as those technologies discussed in the Passive house project.

Professor Gopal Nath Tiwari of IIT- Delhi has made this possible by adopting the principles of a mythical construction system. The house which he has built at Mahamaya Nagar near Karmajitpur (Sundarpur) has been named Soda year Complex which is actually a passive solar building.

The height of each room of the house is 13.5 feet. The outer walls of the house called trombe wall is just 4 inches wide and 1.5 feet- 2 feet wide shelves have been made on the other side of the exterior walls so that the goods kept in these shelves can absorb the warmth coming from outside.

Keeping in mind that hot air blows upwards, an empty space has been left out in the backside from basement to the top floor from where the hot air of the house can escape out of the house. In order to enable proper ventilation, space has been left over the partition walls. Big windows covered with transparent glasses have been built which will make way for proper lighting in each and every corner of the house.

Solar-powered devices have been installed on the roof of the house which produce enough electricity required for the house which is utilized during the night. Only in emergency, the generated electricity is brought in use.  Not only this, the natural process of earth cooling keeps the house cool throughout the day.

Professor Tiwari says, “My efforts do not directly prevent the exploitation of the earth but there is a need to understand its significance. There are limited natural resources on earth like coal, oil and gas which will not last more than five-six decades. The exploitation of the earth is just like sucking blood regularly from the human body.”

He said, “Most of the electricity generated in the country is made from coal. During the generation of one unit of electricity from coal, one kilogram of carbon dioxide (CO2) is released in the atmosphere. This CO2 is doubled when this power enters the house. Therefore, by saving one unit of electricity, we can prevent the releasing of two kilograms of CO2 in the atmosphere and can also stop exploitation of coal from the earth. “