In a resolution adopted, the association asked Shevgaonkar to continue in the post and also cautioned the Ministry against interfering in the autonomy of the IIT system to enable it to function "smoothly".
"It is further resolved that IIT Delhi Alumni Assocation is fully behind the Director and request him to continue leading this illustrious institution to greater heights," it said.
Shevgaonkar sent his resignation letter to Chairman of IIT Board of Governors Vijay P Bhatkar on Friday evening in which he cited "personal reasons".
"We resolve that the autonomy of the IIT system being extremely important for the development of the nation, should not be interfered by the HRD Ministry in order to have smooth functioning of the IITs," the resolution added.
The Ministry had denied a media report that said Shevgaonkar resigned after he was allegedly put under pressure from the HRD Ministry to accede to two demands--to provide the IIT ground for a cricket academy Sachin Tendulkar allegedly wants to open and to pay nearly Rs 70 lakh to Swamy, a former IIT-D faculty member, as his "salary dues" between 1972 and 1981.
"There is neither any request from Sachin Tendulkar for the ground of IIT for running a Cricket Academy nor any instruction from HRD Ministry to provide the same," it said.
Tendulkar had also denied the allegation.
Shevgaonkar resigned with more than two years of his tenure left.
Chairman of the institute's Board of Governors Vijay P Bhatkar said he was unaware of any pressure exerted upon Shevgaonkar.

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