Uttar Pradesh can proudly say that it produces the top brains of the country, courtesy the Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur (IIT-K) founded in 1959. IIT-K has taken the educational standards of the country to new heights with the help of outstanding research work and education programmes. In addition, to nurturing some outstanding talents, IIT-K has also been serving the people and society through a number of programmes meant to educate children hailing from the deprived classes.

Be it some ambitious projects like country’s first nano satellite Jugnu, developing parts of Lunar Rover, Satellite Imaging for Rail Navigation (SIMRAN) or running campaigns like Shiksha Sopan and Opportunity School for poor children has received accolades from all and sundry.

IIT-K Director, Sanjay Govind Dhande told Jagran Post, “We have been striving for excellence and over the years our hard work has derived positive results.” According to Dhande, the high quality of innovation and education system at IIT-K made the difference. “We have also believed in carrying out good research projects and the thrust has been on the quality of education,” he added.

The IIT-K Director opined that a lot of work was required to upgrade the education standard in the country. In this regard, he said, “Quality of education and the institutions have to be improved if we want to raise the educational standards in the country.”

A 12-member team of IIT-K faculty led by Nalinaksh S Vyas, professor and head of Mechanical Engineering department and 45 students of the Institute had been working on Jungu since December 2007.  Jugnu weighs 3.5 kg and is 34 cm long and 10 cm wide. In addition to a Micro Imaging System, Jugnu is also equipped with a Mens Based Micro Electronic System to capture and transmit high-resolution images. The launch of the nano satellite had added a feather in IIT-K’s cap.

After years of wait, the Railway Minister in its budget this year approved IIT-K’s SIMRAN project that would help passengers locate their train on the net or on the mobile handset. The project has been successfully tested in few leading trains of the country.

Appreciating the efforts of IIT-K, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) assigned a major project on its space programme to the leading education institute. ISRO has given the responsibility to IIT-K to develop and design three key components of the Lunar Rover which will collect vital informations related to Moon.

While the seven leading IITs of the country were requested to prepare the outlay of the National Ganga River Basin Authority, IIT-K Director Sanjay Govind Dhande was made the In-charge for the IIT team to coordinate with the Ministry of Forests and Environment.

The extremely important project aims at reducing the pollution level of river Ganga and maintaining the free flow of water. The plan being prepared by IITs will not only concentrate on the river but also the surroundings. The entire areas around Ganga would be developed and efforts would be maintained to ensure that the river remains pollution free. The project was initiated by the Ministry of Forests and Environment as the Gap Action Plan failed to derive the desired results.

Be it manufacturing pollution free scooter, coming up with significant research in medical, aerospace, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, the IITians have served the society in different ways about which not many are aware.

The poor condition of industrial units in Kanpur prompted the IIT-K students to club hands with Indian Industries Association to look for measures to boost these industries. Under the project, the young IITians aimed to look for pragmatic solutions to solve the problems of the industrial units.

Faculty and students of IIT-K has always come up with a special contribution to help poor children living in and around the campus area. Shiksha Sopan functions like an NGO which provides education to the children of Class IV employees of the institution. Faculty members and students themselves take the class to help provide quality education to the minors.
On similar lines, IIT-K has an Opportunity School to educate children hailing from financially weak background. High quality education from the top brains of the country and that too free of cost is a dream come true for these children.