Kanpur: The Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur (IIT-K) is all set to play an important role in the ambitious project of ISRO to send a lunar rover (robot) on moon. Among the three important components of the robot being prepared by IIT-K includes the navigation of the lunar rover.

The design prepared by the IIT-K staff will help the robot move on the rough terrains of moon and transit details about the significant changes.

Experts from the mechanical department of IIT-Kanpur have completed the ISRO project-Lunar Rover-and are set to submit its prototype next month to the space agency.

The robot being prepared at the IIT labs will move smoothly on the moon’s surface and its tyres, made from special material, will also not get punctured.

Prof Dr Ashish Dutta is working on this project and other scientists in the institution are working on its other part.

“The flight model of the robot will be submitted to the ISRO next month. ISRO guidelines will be followed for further action. If everything goes as planned, the robot will also give detail about the geographical condition of the moon to the ISRO,” said Prof Dutta.